Julian Assange, interviewed by Sigmund Freud on the most awesome things of 2010

Sigmund Freud: So, Mr. Assange, you are ze most awesome sing of 2010, I have been told.

Julian Assange: Well, in fact…

Freud: Vell, not you literally, I mean WikiLeaks, your brainchild, is ze most awesome sing.

Assange: Well, yes, but WikiLeaks actually originated in 2006. So to what extent it is a *thing* of 2010 might be debatable.

Freud: You have authority issues, no?

Assange: Do you want to go there, Dr. Freud? After all, who invented the fetish, you or I?

Freud [chuckles]: And ver would ze Internet be vissout fetishes?

Assange: My vote for most awesome thing of 2010 would have to be either Janelle Monáe or the headscratcher.

Freud: Headscratcher?

Assange: That springy metal thing that looks like a cross between a spider and a tiara. God.

Freud: Of course.

Assange: Seriously. Give it a go.

Freud: I have my pipe.

Assange: A headscratcher is better.

Freud: Even wiss an oral fixation?

Assange: Hands down. Here we are. Here’s a picture: headscratcher

Winners of the 2010 metamorphosism.com St. Valentine’s Day Limerick Contest

First of all, thanks to all entrants in this year’s contest, and special thanks to A.C. Teathorn, who kindly agreed to adjudicate this year. Both the volume and quality of the entries makes judging a difficult job, and it’s always nice to have someone else do a difficult job.

Rather than single non-winners out for praise, which only risks pissing people off, let me say only that A.C. Teathorn and I agreed on the high quality of most entries and think you people are really great.

For the first time (I think, and I’m too lazy to check past contests, plus it’s Valentine’s Day and I have to go make waffles in a second) we have a tie for first place, which is the only place that will win an actual prize, seeing as how I am not made of books. So, without further ado, our winners:

Mr. TC: First Place, for the sweetest limerick of this year’s contest

Ms. MN: First Place, for being a genius, among other things.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

Mr. Cand Ms. MN, your prizes are as good as in the mail, as soon as I get around to binding them. Please email me  your preferred mailing addresses.

Predictions for 2010

  1. It will be foggy
  2. I will sleep until 8 AM
  3. Which is really late by my standards
  4. The cats will be hungry
  5. But the picky, sensitive red cat still won’t eat anything with the others
  6. It will be foggy
  7. The coffee is done
  8. Everyone else will still be asleep
  9. I will be really happy I didn’t set anything on fire with those pretty big skyrockets I was shooting off last night
  10. From a friend’s roof
  11. Which was made of grass
  12. It will be foggy
  13. And now smells a lot like fireworks
  14. But I did apologize
  15. That’s what happens when you invite pyromaniacs to a New Year’s party
  16. “Party”
  17. Man there were some funny people there
  18. The decade won’t actually end for another year
  19. It’s not hard to figure out. I mean, count to ten.
  20. There: What number did you start with, zero?
  21. Or one?
  22. Putz.
  23. It will be foggy

I’m sorry, but 2010 is going to fucking suck

Some newsletter I subscribe to said something about how hard 2009 was on many of us and how 2010 had to be an improvement because it couldn’t be worse, and I just thought, baby you ain’t seen nothing yet. This was a writing newsletter, I think – how could any sort of writer lack imagination to the extent that they think nothing could be worse than, what, fattening up a few fat cats with taxpayers’ money etc? I can think of plenty of worse things.

Also, there is the jinxing thing. Seriously, that’s a big concern. Even if you’re optimistic, you’re supposed to say things like, 2009, you thought that was bad? 2010 is going to fucking suck, pal. Why do you think the military has been investing so much in drones, robots and non-lethal technology? Because they expect domestic uprisings and conflicts, and human soldiers are unlikely to be real motivated when it comes to using lethal technology on fellow citizens. They’ll spray them with glue, nets and rays that make them hot and stuff, though, and you can always find a few psychos to fly the drones or drive the robots. Amirite?

2010 is going to make 2009 look like Let’s Make a Deal and you had everything in your purse that Monty Hall was looking for when he came out into the audience, and you took the $50 he gave you for the bottle opener with the picture of the Pope on it and put it in the nickel slot machine in Reno and, jackpot! Cups and cups of nickels. That’s what 2009 is going to look like, looking back on it in 2010.

2010 is going to make us wish it was 2012.

We are all going to get on each other’s nerves in 2010 and bicker. No replacement for Lady Gaga will come along, either, until 2011 at the earliest. I won’t figure out yet how to get interesting sounds out of my Jomox T-Resonater.

People with more money than they can possibly spend in a lifetime will continue to accumulate more, and won’t be taxed down to a level where they have the maximum amount a person could possibly spend in a lifetime, for some fucking reason.

The Mazda guy will, however, fix my broken shock absorber first thing, as soon as January 2010 rolls around and he reopens.

He’s on vacation right now. Good for him. We all deserve a little vacation.

Despite this dire outlook, all the best to you, personally. May 2010 not suck for you, dude.