Predictions for 2010

  1. It will be foggy
  2. I will sleep until 8 AM
  3. Which is really late by my standards
  4. The cats will be hungry
  5. But the picky, sensitive red cat still won’t eat anything with the others
  6. It will be foggy
  7. The coffee is done
  8. Everyone else will still be asleep
  9. I will be really happy I didn’t set anything on fire with those pretty big skyrockets I was shooting off last night
  10. From a friend’s roof
  11. Which was made of grass
  12. It will be foggy
  13. And now smells a lot like fireworks
  14. But I did apologize
  15. That’s what happens when you invite pyromaniacs to a New Year’s party
  16. “Party”
  17. Man there were some funny people there
  18. The decade won’t actually end for another year
  19. It’s not hard to figure out. I mean, count to ten.
  20. There: What number did you start with, zero?
  21. Or one?
  22. Putz.
  23. It will be foggy

2 responses to “Predictions for 2010

  1. flerdle

    And rainy. A good year to stay in bed, perhaps. At least for another hour.

  2. Hélène

    Am really enjoying your writing.
    Yeah, you’ve heard it before but still I wanted to say it.
    There it is.