Metamorphosism.com is a personal blog with one author, Mig Living. It started sometime around 2003. Before that, Mig had another blog, Feral Living, and participated in several group blogs, including Lost in Transit (a group blog about the experience of living in a country other than that of your birth) and Raising Hell (about parenting, usually humorous).

Content on metamorphosism.com ranges from thoughtful to humorous, sometimes whimsical, satirical or parodic in nature. An early review of Mig’s first blog, Feral Living praised Mig’s ability to state the obvious in a way that made it sound like an epiphany. MigĀ  still does this a lot. Metamorphosism.com is done for the enjoyment of the author, Mig, and of the reader. Little is serious. No facts here are reliable. Do not use anything you read here for a school report.

(By the way, this especially applies to the annual Metamorphosism.com St. Valentine’s Day Limerick Contest, which is a fun annual outpouring of creative geniusr, but is not meant to be taken seriously as a contest, as it is designed to include unfair, biased judging, and confusing and changeable rules.)

Who is Mig Living, though? Not even Mig is sure. Metamorphosism.com could be seen as a process of figuring out the answer to that question, maybe. There used to be an ‘about’ paragraph on metamorphosism.com that went as follows:

“Mig. 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 63. Tin whistle, cello, theremin, saw. Single malt whiskey, Jameson, gin, Guinness. American, Austria, married, two. Writing, cartooning, painting, composing, a little yoga now and then. English, German, a (very) little Japanese. Mostly left, ambivalent, taller than he thought. Come out to the woodpile.”

Mig is also fond of a broken accordion a friend gave him.

A few basic facts about Mig: he was born in the United States, but has lived outside the country for more than half his life. He lived in Japan for four or five years, and now he lives in Austria, where he has spent about a quarter-century, so far. He is married to an Austrian citizen and has two lovely daughters.

Contact information:
e-mail: metamorphosist@gmail.com
twitter: @migliving