Julian Assange, interviewed by Sigmund Freud on the most awesome things of 2010

Sigmund Freud: So, Mr. Assange, you are ze most awesome sing of 2010, I have been told.

Julian Assange: Well, in fact…

Freud: Vell, not you literally, I mean WikiLeaks, your brainchild, is ze most awesome sing.

Assange: Well, yes, but WikiLeaks actually originated in 2006. So to what extent it is a *thing* of 2010 might be debatable.

Freud: You have authority issues, no?

Assange: Do you want to go there, Dr. Freud? After all, who invented the fetish, you or I?

Freud [chuckles]: And ver would ze Internet be vissout fetishes?

Assange: My vote for most awesome thing of 2010 would have to be either Janelle Monáe or the headscratcher.

Freud: Headscratcher?

Assange: That springy metal thing that looks like a cross between a spider and a tiara. God.

Freud: Of course.

Assange: Seriously. Give it a go.

Freud: I have my pipe.

Assange: A headscratcher is better.

Freud: Even wiss an oral fixation?

Assange: Hands down. Here we are. Here’s a picture: headscratcher