Writing prompt

Write a story or poem incorporating the following phrases*:

  • Flat sourdough loaf (it could be the name of a western town)
  • Careers in zymurgy
  • Sometimes you’re the
  • translate behold the smart irishman into latin
  • a lady of leisure limerick
  • bifurcated sleep pattern
  • head scratcher
  • flounder facts
  • flounder jokes
  • condolezza rice tits
  • what is inkblot plate iii
  • great white whale facts

*what was life like before we had search results? I can’t remember.

OTOH, this makes me question the sense of writing a blog at all.

Everything will be alright, just not in the way you imagine

Crazy old Mr. Cordyceps, remember reading about him in the local paper when the Humane Society came that one winter and took away all those mangy ponies he had, with ribs sticking out and hooves that needed trimming so badly they were starting to curve around? What ever happened to him, you ask?

He lived in that old house until it got so full of junk he never threw away that there was only room for the mice, then he moved into that old trailer in front, the one covered with the green algae because it was so shady under the big fir tree and it rained all the time. He lived in there with his dogs. In winter he let them sleep on the bed because he had no heat.

The neighbors complained about the dogs howling. When the Humane Society came for those, they found crazy old Mr. Cordyceps dead inside the trailer.

The dogs hadn’t touched him.

His house was full of musical instruments and boxes of doll clothes.

Most of the musical instruments were warped and broken, because the roof leaked and the windows were broken; or gnawed by mice. The neck of the banjo curved like a boomerang, but the trombone worked fine.

The trailer was full of styrofoam hamburger trays, all licked clean. There was a bag of onions, and a couple changes of clothes. There was a stack of notebooks on a table, with the years written on the front in ballpoint pen.

The last entry read, “Everything will be alright, just not in the way you imagine.”

Help Beta receive a scholarship.

I have a favor to ask. You can help my brilliant daughter win a much-deserved scholarship (it is a German scholarship called ‘the democratic scholarship’ awarded to the applicant who gets the most votes).
It is very simple.
All you have to do is:
1. Go here: http://www.stipendium.de/bewerber-2011/3080-iris-goes-down-under?page=1&s=Iris
2. Click on the button beneath the video (it will say ‘stimme ab via facebook’ or ‘abstimmen’, meaning ‘vote via facebook’ or ‘vote)
3. Enable the app.
4. Then you press the button again. Finished!
5. More detailed explanations here: https://www.facebook.com/events/230009473761950/
6. Tell everyone you know, and tell them to tell everyone they know, and so on.

(PS she is working on masters degrees in international law and anthropology, and needs the funds to help finance her studies in Australia (where she currently is) and Indonesia (where she is going next).)

The perfect way to spend St. Patrick’s Day

Watch the music videos Gamma and I have made:


Maybe don’t watch them all at once. They could, potentially, get a little monotonous. Gamma thinks maybe I ought to try a little structure.

Dark Slender Boy

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Liam O’Flynn – Uillean pipes

Goldschmutz – Jar of Bolts

And St. Patrick drove the serpents from Ireland.

Some theremin and accordion (and a cereal box and a jar of bolts and a screwdriver) for St. Patrick’s Day. Footage shot by Gamma, and taken from the Prellinger Archive.

Because you were wondering

The tortoise woke up. I checked on his box in the wine cellar, where he spent the winter under a bunch of leaves, and heard a rustling noise (“yee haw, let’s get these dogies outa here afore the posse shows up!”) and carried him, box and all, into the library, where it is dark and by the next day he was up and running around again, mesmerising the cats. He’s moved to the kitchen and I can’t wait for the weather to warm up to above 10 degrees C. because being outside will help him with his obsessions and monomanias. Right now these include finding a way to get behind the refrigerator, and carrying the metal fruit shelf thing on his back. And painting, of course. I’m already tired of cleaning up after him.

Also, he will be happy to be reunited with his stone, I imagine.