Because you were wondering

The tortoise woke up. I checked on his box in the wine cellar, where he spent the winter under a bunch of leaves, and heard a rustling noise (“yee haw, let’s get these dogies outa here afore the posse shows up!”) and carried him, box and all, into the library, where it is dark and by the next day he was up and running around again, mesmerising the cats. He’s moved to the kitchen and I can’t wait for the weather to warm up to above 10 degrees C. because being outside will help him with his obsessions and monomanias. Right now these include finding a way to get behind the refrigerator, and carrying the metal fruit shelf thing on his back. And painting, of course. I’m already tired of cleaning up after him.

Also, he will be happy to be reunited with his stone, I imagine.

2 responses to “Because you were wondering

  1. Kelly

    Cool! Do you have to soak him during winter? My mother lives in Tucson, AZ and her neighbor has rescue desert tortoises that she over winters in her garage for the Desert Museum. Every 6 weeks they come out of their straw boxes for a deep soak. They splash around a bit and then are placed back into their straw to resume hibernation. I was wondering if European tortoises need a soak?

    Very exciting news! Spring is coming!!!

  2. mig

    No, we don’t soak him. He seems to sleep through the entire winter non-stop. It is my understanding that Greek tortoises (that’s what he is) do that. I have never heard of soaking tortoises, although he likes to wade in his water dish. My father-in-law tries to teach him to swim, but so far without success. He is a good climber (the tortoise).