Goldschmutz – Going to Mass on Sunday

Just in time for Easter. Video from a family outing to a nearby pilgrimage church a couple weekends ago. Music is me on tin whistle (Going to Mass on Sunday – traditional air) slowed way down, and theremin thru several effect devices. NSFthose bothered by holy relics.

The perfect way to spend St. Patrick’s Day

Watch the music videos Gamma and I have made:

Maybe don’t watch them all at once. They could, potentially, get a little monotonous. Gamma thinks maybe I ought to try a little structure.

Golden sunlight coins spent just for you

Winter drive into Vienna, filmed by Gamma. Text by me, read by Beta. Music: drums, bodhran, melodeon, theremin.

Goldschmutz White Bean Zombie

Made a new video with the kid this weekend, Goldschmutz White Bean Zombie, with Bela Lugosi, bodhran and white bean soundtrack:

(Uses footage from White Zombie, which is allegedly no longer under copyright, and footage Gamma shot in and near Vienna a while back.)

Undersea Libretto

I finally got around to figuring out how to use some recording interface I bought more than a year ago and tested it on my theremin. Then I fiddled around with the recording in audacity (wikipedia link) and decided to see if I could make a film out of some footage I had downloaded a long time ago from the Prelinger archives, which have a ton of interesting ephemeral film. It was an enjoyable, although time-consuming exercise in finally learning how to use the iMovie program that came with my iBook. The results can be seen at the link above, if I copied the code right. The idea is sort of related to a text I have been working on that I call the Undersea Libretto, which is inspired by B-movies and the deep ocean, and Haruki Murakami without all the cooking, and other things. It was a useful exercise for me, because there are things I like about this little film that are missing in the text, and it has suggested to me ways to improve the text.


The soundtrack is theremin, run through a Boss delay pedal, and then messed around with in audacity (edited, and slowed down in parts, mostly). It was fun to make, I hope I can find the time to do more of these.