Goldschmutz – Going to Mass on Sunday

Just in time for Easter. Video from a family outing to a nearby pilgrimage church a couple weekends ago. Music is me on tin whistle (Going to Mass on Sunday – traditional air) slowed way down, and theremin thru several effect devices. NSFthose bothered by holy relics.

The perfect way to spend St. Patrick’s Day

Watch the music videos Gamma and I have made:

Maybe don’t watch them all at once. They could, potentially, get a little monotonous. Gamma thinks maybe I ought to try a little structure.

Goldschmutz – Jar of Bolts

And St. Patrick drove the serpents from Ireland.

Some theremin and accordion (and a cereal box and a jar of bolts and a screwdriver) for St. Patrick’s Day. Footage shot by Gamma, and taken from the Prellinger Archive.

Golden sunlight coins spent just for you

Winter drive into Vienna, filmed by Gamma. Text by me, read by Beta. Music: drums, bodhran, melodeon, theremin.

Theremin design advice sought

I’ve mentioned subscope theremins here before, recently. Here is the thing: if I do buy one some day – and I hear they sound as good as they look – besides the problem of financing one, there would be the even tougher problem of deciding on the design. Because it is so flexible. Basically, the instrument can be built in any container one desires. Looking at the site, I find most of them very attractive. I like the little suitcase model, I like the acrylic tube model. I like the wooden boxes.

What do you think would look good? A slim acrylic box? Something else? Animal skulls and creepy dolls are out, just FYI.

Teenaged beach blanket vampire

(Gamma surprised me twice in connection with this song, first by letting me talk her into recording the vocals, and then again by taking the lyrics and recording a completely different version with a friend.)

Pamelia Kurstin and Bauchklang

Video of thereminist Pamelia Kurstin and acapella group Bauchklang. Pamelia, whom I’ve mentioned before, is a brilliant musician.