Ba Babam bib nobocam, a play in 1 act

At the electronic goods megamart after getting a filling at the dentist:
Man: (looking in vain for iPhone charger for wife)
Salesman: (hiding from customers between coffee machine aisle and room ventilator aisle because it is about 2 minutes before quittin time)
Man: (spots salesman)
Man: (all dialogue translated from German to English) BEA AH ZA CHACHAKABA HOA IHONE?
Salesman: Ehm…
Man: (with great effort) CHACHA. KABA. HOA. IHONE.
Salesman: Do you know which model? Is it a new model or an older one?
Salesman: Actually may I recommend the standard Apple brand product in that case? Same price as the knockoffs.
Man: (Takes recommended products, thumbs up, exit via cash register)

Never wrestle with a slug

Never wrestle with a slug. You both get slimy and the slug likes it.

Climbing update

For the first time in the past 6 months I was neither injured nor sick so I went bouldering with Gamma for the first time in more than 2 months or more – life kind of segued from various joint injuries and deaths and funerals to viruses to the famous eye lens replacement – and we were careful, especially of me, and I stuck to easy routes, and did not fall, and climbed back down instead of jumping, and stopped when the going got weird, and did not hurt myself, and got some good exercise, and Gamma rewarded me with the house pizza and a bottle of Radler (mix of lemonade and beer) and it was real nice hanging out with her.
My body is feeling wiggly right now, but it is nice to feel my body, and to be active again. I really missed it.
She listened politely while I cursed capitalism and the fairy tale of the free market, and while I babbled about Buddhism or rather the quasi-Buddhist quasi-concept of “let all that shit go” which has been on my mind lately, and although I have given up optimism I have also given up pessimism and worrying (theoretically) and this is an interesting vaccuum, for me, although maybe not for other people who are trying to eat their pizza while I talk about it not sure.
Sunday is Father’s Day here in Austria and I plan to go see an action movie with the kids and get something to eat. When Beta was a child we started a tradition of watching B-movies and criticizing them afterwards, listing all the historical, logical etc. errors and omissions (IIRC The Scorpion King with The Rock may have been the first, and I was real mad bc someone spray-painted my brand-new Doblo while we were in the theater), although I have difficulty finding anything to criticize on Abba-Teapot Peabody or whatever her name is although the prosthetic nose on Whatshisname Thorguy will be easy pickings I figure.
That is all.
For now.

Rain update

Everything was wet outside when I looked out the window just now, at like 6:25 or so. I woke up at 5:57. I got up at 5:57 I mean, 3 minutes ahead of when I had set an alarm for. I woke up a few times during the night as usual. I got up, opened the blinds but didn’t look out immediately. Made breakfast (0% Greek yogurt, a little müsli, a banana, coffee). After I had finished that I looked outside, where everything was wet but the sky looked brighter, as if the rain had stopped. Just in case I will bring an umbrella to work today. I forgot yesterday and got rather wet walking to the nearest shop to buy a spare.
I feel very stupid lately. Sleep is helping, but I can’t help wondering if it is because of all the viruses in the past 5 years, or if it is just going to be like this from now on due to me being 65, or whether I am actually smarter and just able to finally realize how stupid I am, Dunning-Kruger-wise.
Shrug emoji.
Anyway. Looking into the future: I will finish this second mug of coffee, go meditate, take a shower, get dressed (bed is already made, doing that right away helps against depression) and depending on the time walk to the office, feeding crows on the way, or waste time here until it is time to walk to the office. Later I will come back here, eat something, having shopped on the way for something to eat, then eventually go back to sleep. This is not as empty as it sounds, plus life has a way lately of being 1. delicious and 2. surprising.
That is the plan.

Dem bones

Although i was warned
that the rocks were slippery
i go skinny-dipping anyway
in a swedish lake
while falling the voice of the woman
who had warned me
flashes before my ear
my daughter Beta is like
dad are you okay and also put a towel on
my doctor says it could take months to heal
then i do something to my back
back home
weeks of pain to pay
sitting in the driveway
on a hot day
pulling weeds
face-palm emoji
eventually i go bouldering again, with Gamma
as soon as i can
and eventually i fall and fuck my back
back up
plus a bonus shoulder
today i finally have my appointment
with an orthopedist
(in the meantime, between my fall
and today’s appointment
i take muscle relaxants and painkillers
which make me depressed and suicidal
(says on the package)
bc Alpha and me go to Istria on a bus tour
and i want to enjoy it
which i did)
(anyway the meds help
although i stop taking them because
they make me groggy, depressed and determined to end it all.)
monday, day before yesterday,
i feel well enough to go
bouldering again with gamma
after which my hand, back and shoulder feel better
but now my knee hurts!
despite no accidents
my new orthopedist
waggles my leg and arm
and says well you know, kneebone connected
to the hip bone, etc, i
can give you a shot but just time
will do it too
i opt for time
one thing leads to another
gimpy back makes you stand funny
which stresses your knee
for want of a nail
now my other knee hurts more
but the first one hurts less
i’m not complaining-
just thinking about how
you learn more about a system
when it breaks down
than when it’s working

When are you going to do these?

When are you going to do these?
My wife brandishes a sack of purple iris things and some other bulbs that she bought recently that i thanked her for buying.
On the weekend, I say, this not being the weekend, but Thursday, although I am home, having skipped work / opted to work from home due to the plausibility of a reaction from my 5th covid shot as an excuse.
It’s always the weekend, she says.
Which is true, I married a philosopher and she is retired now.
However I am drunk (and drunk gardening = risky), because we went to the bank today to negotiate a higher interest rate on my savings account after which we went for a walk along the Danube that ended abruptly at the Alpenverein with wine.
Abrupt and unexpected, but not unwelcome.
You only live once, so.
The problem is, i dunno.
Kid in a candy store problem, I guess.
In this abundant, beautiful world.
When there is so much to love.
Despite everything.

Self help

In the middle of the night
in Sweden, in the northern part
northish, anyway,
at midsummer
there are no stars
the light shimmers when you get up
and walk through the woods
to the outhouse
shimmers. it is not

what you are used to, shining from
like the sun through
the trees to your eyes.
it breaks and shimmers
in all directions.
at least i am pretty sure,
i didn’t have my glasses on.

we saw two moose
a big one one evening
a little one the next evening

i sat on the porch in a lawn chair
i looked at the lake
and at the trees
eventually i noticed i was not thinking
i was a little surprised

what am i doing when i am not thinking
i am living
so i lived on the porch
for a few days.

would i recommend this?
i don’t recommend anything
you’ll figure it out