Goldschmutz – Jar of Bolts

And St. Patrick drove the serpents from Ireland.

Some theremin and accordion (and a cereal box and a jar of bolts and a screwdriver) for St. Patrick’s Day. Footage shot by Gamma, and taken from the Prellinger Archive.

4 responses to “Goldschmutz – Jar of Bolts

  1. Paul

    You have more time (or maybe just more energy then I do). I was finally setting up to do some home recording when I found out that my audio interface box was so old that it didn’t work with windows 7 and I had to go buy a new one. But I’m working up to recording my ode to Apple computers called “Little Chinese Fingers”.

  2. mig

    I look forward to hearing it. I’m kinda wondering about these things I’m doing. The kid suggested I experiment with more structure, musically.

  3. Okay, first of all I was a bit disturbed by the unusual graphics and the scary music accompaniment. So what do you intend to show from the video? It was interesting, but still a tad disturbing. I’m not used to watching videos like these.

  4. mig

    What sort of videos are you used to watching, Rosie? The video had no concrete intention other than finding images to go with the music, or to expand on it. And the process of composing the music relies to a great extent on coincidence and accident and found sounds, rather than intention, as well.