Two random conversations


Man: I think I sprained my ankle putting on my ski boot.

Girl: Sure it wasn’t when you were skiing backwards and doing the splits?


Girl: It’s Friday night and I’m watching a movie with my dad.

Man: It’s Friday night and I’m watching Hansel and Gretel with a 15 year old girl.


Alpha and I watched Metropolis at the Konzerthaus in Vienna last night, while a 66-piece orchestra played the music. It was neat. I didn’t fall asleep once. Metropolis was shortened rather drastically after release, and the original version was lost, I guess. The film was (IIRC) restored in 2001. Then a longer version was discovered in Argentina, so it was restored again. The Argentine version was, however, only 16mm so there are quality and cropping issues. The discovery of the longer version also made it possible to restore the score, pretty much, which had also been incomplete.

Or something.

I should be a journalist, shouldn’t I.

We will be seeing a few more silent films with live music at the Konzerthaus, we bought a subscription. I really like the idea of composing film music, so I am looking forward to seeing them.

Goldschmutz White Bean Zombie

Made a new video with the kid this weekend, Goldschmutz White Bean Zombie, with Bela Lugosi, bodhran and white bean soundtrack:

(Uses footage from White Zombie, which is allegedly no longer under copyright, and footage Gamma shot in and near Vienna a while back.)

Goldschmutz hypnose

Just uploaded this. Used recordings of my new accordeon, and a drum track, heavily altered. It seems quite loud to me, so maybe turn your speakers down before you start it. I’m still figuring out recording etc.

Goldschmutz Death Valley

January 17th is Art’s Birthday. I doubt I will get anything else done in time, so here is my present to art. Happy Birthday, Art.

The film is footage from the Prelinger Archives, again. The soundtrack consists of an altered (slowed-down) drum track, Jomox T-Resonator, and electric cello run through various effect devices.

Brane dump

  1. Where can I get a pastry knife/pastry blender in Austria? And what are they called in German? I just get puzzled looks when I describe them to store clerks.
  2. Saw a trailer for “The Men Who Stare at Goats” a while ago. It looks funny. It has Jeff Bridges as a New Agey instructor-guru type. WHY ALWAYS JEFF BRIDGES? DO HOLLYWOOD PRODUCERS READ A SCRIPT, SEE A PONYTAIL AND SAY, “CALL BRIDGES’ AGENT, WE NEED A HIPPIE?” I’m getting tired of that.
  3. As much as I like Jeff Bridges.
  4. Just read Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” a while back too. It took me a long time to get started because the first paragraph broke my heart with its beauty and simplicity, the way you knew both main characters IMMEDIATELY from just a few well-chosen words that weren’t even describing them, and knew that nothing good was waiting for them out there in that post-not-further-described-apocalyptic-world. However, with that great start, I could only be disappointed by the end, and I was. I was left with the feeling that the language was, ultimately, TOO poetic and self-conscious and beautiful for a novel. There were too many coincidences although an argument could convince me otherwise, namely the argument that of 100 pairs of such characters, 99 would have died well before the final chapter in this hostile environment; the only pair that would make it to the end  of the book would be the lucky one. You can be careful and wise and knowledgeable and prepared, but without luck you are fucked pal at least in a vague apocalypse. But I found McCarthy’s economics grand, the most compelling part of the book. Following an event such as the vaguely described one in theh book, everything would become scarce almost immediately. Within 10 years: no bullets, no shoes, no food.
  5. Srsly, our current system ROCKS in comparison.

Film festival

The radio this morning was all blah-blah-blah, some guy got to pick 24 movies to be shown somewhere, I had the impression Venice. Let’s say Venice. Which movies would you pick? I thought about it, and decided I’d have to pass.

This will really shock you, but it’s been years and years since I’ve had the aesthetic real estate to consider films as art.

Here is what I do instead of considering film as art:

  • wonder when I’ll finally get the radiator painted in the upstairs bathroom
  • clean litter boxes all over the fucking house
  • look for a USB stick with something vital on it
  • run upstairs and unplug the router and plug it in again
  • stick a kitten inside my shirt, eat real fast, and when it sticks its head out, go, “AAAAAAAA! Alien!” and flail around
  • in fact, that’s about the closest i come to thinking about film
  • my family’s pretty tired of that joke, too
  • dishes
  • sometimes I cook, mostly on weekends
  • yardwork
  • climb into my car thru the passenger door because some dork parked me in on the other side
  • put gas in one of our cars
  • wonder what I could do to get along better with my wife
  • wonder if I’m spending enough quality time with the girls
  • think about wasp nests
  • wonder whether I should turn the yard into a vegetable garden, or just plant new grass. I suppose it depends on what the Dow does over the winter.
  • look up at the sky
  • practice cello
  • have a dream about a punk band composed of reformed skinheads, the drummer of which sits behind half an oil drum (as shield against objects thrown at them), a guitarist of which wears a derby hat and says, “look, I’m a Britney” that then morphs into a dream about decapitated children wearing 19th-century suits and dresses, with horrific vermin (gigantic insects etc) swarming out of their clothes
  • wake up and feed all the cats