If I’m a sputtering crank, it must be Wednesday. My Zen fell through the hole in the outhouse and I’m not in the mood to reach down and get it out just yet. I am not floating three inches off the ground as I walk down the street, I am wading through sidewalk up to my knees like snow. I, I, I.

OTOH, the back is getting better and Alpha got a red lava lamp at the furniture store recently, which gives a warmer, more romantic light than the green one, which gave us this alien/night-vision sort of look. And Gamma falls asleep every night on the sofa watching flames flicker in our new woodstove. And the red cat slept on my head last night, but in a good way. And I accidentally drove home from work last night with the sliding side door open a crack on the Dobl

4 responses to “Non-Boddhisattva

  1. kd

    i think i would prefer the alien night-vision look myself.

  2. miguel

    that’s got to be the fastest comment ever.

  3. No turkey this year. Just remembered I’m a vegetarian. But pie, lots of pie.

  4. What’s there to give thanks for this year?