Or however you spell it. I keep getting hits for things I misspell when the searcher misspells them in the same way.

What I wanted to complain about today was the way my morning started out. After staying up late working on a project, I woke tired and in a hurry, because I had to go drop the project off somewhere on my way to drop the kids off too and go to work. So, yeah, in a hurry. And then I had to help Gamma brush her teeth, and she wanted her hair braided too. So braided her hair. Finally got dressed, did a bunch of other stuff, dropped off the project, dropped off kids, rushed to work. Traffic jam. Finally made it into the city, where Buddha or whoever, in their infinite wisdom, in order to remind me of one of my philosophies of life, namely “it could be worse” sent me a boddhisattva in the form of a garbage truck.

It appeared to be headed the same place I was, because I followed it for miles. People sure throw away a lot of stuff. What can you do but take a deep breath and think, “well, it could be worse.” Because it always can. “At least a nickel and iron planetoid isn’t crashing into the Earth,” you think, and everything looks half as bad, seen from the new perspective.

“At least I don’t have to play cello in a recital.”

Oh, wait, my teacher was trying to talk me into that last night…

“At least I’m not dead and in hell.”

9 responses to “Boddhisattva

  1. D

    At least I’m not reading Wil Wheaton

  2. pat

    Once, I was following a truck with a big “biochemical waste” symbol on the back. You know that symbol? The one all the Scandinavian death metal bands use? Yeah, that one. I was stuck in DC traffic at the time, so I was having thoughts much like you were “It couldn’t be worse…” But then, I realized, everyone else was afraid to follow the biochemical waste truck, so I was going faster.

    Okay, I wasn’t going faster, but it would have made a nice ending to that story if I had been.

  3. miguel

    I must add that, during my stressful morning when I was doing so much, Alpha of course was doing double what I was.

  4. miguel

    And giving my project a negative critique at the same time.

  5. Another international fenomenon: garbage trucks during rush hour! Whether I leave home at 7:30 or at 9 on a Monday morning, I always seem to be following a garbage truck. And tractors in the evening rush hour, ofcourse!

  6. we get tractors here, from the dairies and corn fields that are slowly disappearing around here. and the knacker’s truck, driving around picking up the dead cows set out by the roadside.

    i find nothing more annoying than driving behind a damn tractor, going 4 MPH, that won’t pull over when he actually had plenty of room to…

  7. obviously i’m just annoyed today, in general. the wind is howling, the dog is afraid of it and barking, she peed in the house and i haven’t gotten in the shower yet… feh.

  8. Sheesh. And I thought my unemployed, no relationship life sucked. Hmm- actually I’d trade it for the trafic jam and the rush project, etc.

  9. miguel

    At least you don’t have *two* cowardly dogs, ratty.

    Chris, at least you… eh… uh… yeah, unemployment is the most depressing thing I’ve ever experienced, including appendicitis. Good luck.

    At least you’re not unemployed in North Korea…