The Non-Axe

We got some money. We bought a woodstove and an axe and wood with the money, with exactly enough left to pay bills.

This morning when I went downstairs to make coffee, the thing we hang coats from had broken in half in the night (and was lying on the floor with all our coat) so now we need a new one of those. I couldn’t talk Alpha into a board with pegs sticking out.

What does furniture do while we sleep?

4 responses to “The Non-Axe

  1. D

    I once caught the Ottoman and the coffee table doing their best to make sidetables. The sick part was that they were doing it on the couch.

  2. I think they do the limbo. and maybe the chicken dance.

  3. I think it’s the lost dryer socks – they come out at night and scare the furniture.

  4. mary

    Once, I was sitting in my living room watching TV when I heard a loud popping sound. It turned out that a round glass ashtray on the coffee table had split in two pieces right down the center. It was empty at the time and I hadn’t used it yet that day.

    You would think I’d have taken it as an omen telling me to quit smoking. Instead, I chose to view it as a sign to go out and buy a new ashtray.