Comment function question

Do my comments remember you? When you click on “preview” do you get a preview, or do snakes come out your monitor and ask for cocoa?

7 responses to “Comment function question

  1. the cookies hate me, I think. and while preview does let me see what I wanted to write, it takes all the text out of the comments box, which is pretty lame-o.

  2. oh wait, now the cookie worked. hmm.

  3. miguel

    at least no snakes.

  4. miguel

    ok, it just remembered me, now to look at the preview thing…

    hrm, yes, i see what you mean. so you get the preview, but if you decide to post it, doesn’t work unless i hit the “back” button on my browser because all the text, and my info, has been removed…

    [insert prayer to comment gods here]

  5. D

    Snakes! Lord almighty, snakes!


    (retypes cookie info)

  6. The comments remember me. And the snakes are reminding me of an old Bill Cosby routine about the ones that lived under his bed/crib/whatever.

  7. The first time I load your site, there are snakes in some abundance. Big, slinky, thirsty ones, whose need can only be slaked with hot cocoa and mini-marshmallows.

    So I enter my info.

    Then when I go to make my second comment of the sitting, there’s my information sitting in the boxes, smirking at me like “what?”