Rainy day

It’s raining. The light outside is remarkable. Dark sky, with brighter spots lighting various deciduous trees turning gold at various rates. A glossy wet crow stands on the balcony railing outside my office. I go outside and place dog treats along the railing. Before I’m even done, I glance over my shoulder and there’s another crow 2 feet away with a beakful of dog treats hurrying me up.
Hang on a sec, I have to go back out and refill the dog treats.
The problem with life is eventually the crows shit all over your balcony and someone says, hey Mig stop feeding the crows they’re shitting all over the balcony.
Hang on, they’re cawing at me for more treats. BRB
Thing is, though, it’s also nice to tell yourself you know the crows know they can count on you.
Maybe the rain will wash the shit away.

2 responses to “Rainy day

  1. You probably know that the Salish people revere ravens and crows for their crafty ways.

  2. mig

    I don’t know much about the Salish specifically but I had heard a little about corvids in Native American mythology. There is a very beautiful sculpture/carving in a museum in Vancouver BC illustrating a Haida creation myth where Raven… finds (?) humans hiding in a clam shell. Ah here we go http://www.billreidfoundation.ca/banknote/raven.htm by bill reid. Raven and the First Men.