I feel like such an idiot.
For days I’ve been thinking about the Leonids and when the best time will be to watch them.
And the best place.
Lying in my hammock staring skyward.
And it’s the PERSEIDS!
The Leonids aren’t until NOVEMBER!
Plus the Leonids make me think of Brezhnev.

Transit of Venus

Did anyone else spend 5 minutes staring at the moon thinking what a ripoff this was?

Three things to do right now, if it’s dark outside.

  1. Go outside and look at the Perseids.
  2. Go outside and look at the Perseids.
  3. Go outside and look at the Perseids.

Actually, I think last night was supposed to be the high point, right? We had good conditions – no moon, clear skies, dark.

I made Alpha and Gamma go into the back yard and look at the sky. Since it was my idea, I let them have the lawn chairs (due to factors including rusty structural elements and slapstick we currently only have two) and myself reclined seductively on the picnic table to stare at the sky.

I even saw one, better than anything Disney ever did.

“Did you see that?” Gamma said, “the way the tail glittered afterwards?”

Indeed I did.

Later, something something, stars, sky, dark, zzz.

“No, he’s not,” said Gamma.

“He is. I think he is. Go see,” said Alpha.

“Dad, are you asleep?” said Gamma.

Indeed I was.