Scientists decipher cave painting

Here is the text:

Man wife car air conditioner broke. Wife go dealer fix. Mechanic quote. Wife say, Wow! Expensive!

Wife by nother car instead.

Man say how two people drive three car?

Wife say it good deal. Only little bit more than compressor.

Man say so why we need big car broke air conditioner then?

Wife say, for big IKEA stuff.

Wife say, that remind me…

Man say, look, many fat mammoth! I hunt now!

6 responses to “Scientists decipher cave painting

  1. k

    you know, i read this blog on my google reader. everything you write is good and funny. everything. fyi.

  2. joeri

    for big IKEA stuff: rent van at IKEA or buy trailer for new car?

  3. mig

    IKEA like Spanish Inquisition, caveman not expect. but, yeah, totally.

  4. joeri

    Trailer also good air conditioning. And will hold mammoth when caught. So wife be happy twice.

  5. mig

    “here wife, ride trailer with sofa, is best air condition. hang on tight!”

  6. joeri

    Hah, nearly read “is best hair condition” :)