Well that’s that, then

Just shipped the last of the first edition of “Little-Known Facts About Various Marine-Dwelling Animals”. If it’s not asking too much, please let me know when your orders arrive. Comments also welcome on the flickr thing. Recipients of complimentary booze included in orders of 5 or more also of course let me know if bottles break in transit and ruin books, still wondering if that was a good idea.

11 responses to “Well that’s that, then

  1. My order arrived more than a week ago – sorry I hadn’t confirmed receipt.

  2. Hey what is the flickr thing???I’ve been under a rock or something and missed mention of flickr.

  3. mig

    Oh, there was a link to the flickr group on the book page.
    The flickr group is here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/metamorphosist/sets/72157622715422382/
    and the book page is here: http://www.metamorphosism.com/LFK.html.
    No obligation to confirm or comment, of course, I was just suffering from a fever this weekend and looking for things to worry about.

  4. Tim

    Got my package today, they’re beautiful, as I knew they would be. Thank you. Will keep one and give one as a Christmas gift to someone dear to me. Hope you’re feeling better, must’ve been a hell of a bug to inspire Cormac McCarthy thoughts ;-)

  5. mig

    Thanks, Tim. Feeling… not sick enough to stay home, not well enough to do any productive work in the office.

  6. gordon

    I realize I am an ass for not telling you the book arrived and it is lovely. I blame my fillings. Off to Tijuana next week to get them all removed.

  7. Meg Osfar

    I believe that I was going to let you know, then thought about it enough that I thought I’d actually done it, then didn’t do it. Sometimes I do that with paying rent, too. Oops.

    I got it, though, and I’m DELIGHTED with mine!!! Beautiful work. :)

  8. Jane

    Arrived in New York on 12/4, still embossed. Really lovely. Thank you!

  9. I just got mine today (12/8) here in Oregon.

    Suggestion for future mailings: May want to put “DO NOT FOLD IN HALF” or something akin to that on the envelope.

    Or perhaps my mailman is an idiot.

    But I think after the book spends a night or two under a stack of other, heavier books it should be fine.

  10. mig

    i hope your book was folded in half because your mailbox was so stuffed with fantastic holiday gifts, and not because your mailman is an idiot. that’s awful. i see why amazon uses those hard little boxes. i’m very sorry.

  11. No, I think it was folded in half because I live in an apartment complex with slightly-smaller-than-mid-sized mailboxes. I’m assuming the mailman’s train of thought was something like this:
    “Hmm… this doesn’t fit in the box. I could try delivering to the door, I suppose, but #33 is way the hell over there on the other side of the complex and a whole five feet from the driveway I came in on. *looks at package* Well, it doesn’t say NOT to fold it, so… *folds package and shoves it in box*”

    Probably he thought I had ordered some weird Austrian catalog or something… lol