Little Known Facts About Various Marine-Dwelling Animals: the book

Little-Known Facts: the book

Skates are cartilaginous fish. They belong to the Rajidae family, controlling half the casinos in Las Vegas.

    So begins "Little-Known Facts About Various Marine-Dwelling Animals," a collection of short texts written by Mig Living about life, disguised as informative articles about fish.

    "Little-Known Facts" is full of wonderful, old-fashionedy "graphic mish-mashes" by Brandy Fox.

Little Known Facts     The first edition of "Little-Known Facts" is limited to 50 copies. It is professionally printed and hand-bound by the author in the traditional Japanese stab binding style (more on stab binding: Wikipedia.) A variety of papers were used, including Washi and hand-made watercolor paper, with end sheets of handmade paper with mango leaves in it. Some covers are hand-embossed. Others feature an imitation gold leaf fish. One even has a genuine gold leaf fish, and cat paw prints. Each book is really very individually cool, in other words.

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The first 50 have found homes, now, but if you would be interested in a second edition, please contact Mig Living by the usual (Pony Express) means. Just kidding. Please email: metamorphosist AT gmail DOT com.

Thank you to all who made the first edition of "Little Known Facts About Various Marine-Dwelling Animals" a success.

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