Of two minds

Scared the daylights out of Gamma this morning. She likes to hide around the wardrobe in the entry way and jump out when I walk past, and today she got a taste of her own medicine. The interesting aspect of her reaction was that instead of a huge shock followed by a tapering-off to sort of, whew, heh, got me, her fright reaction kept getting worse, as if her adrenal gland had gotten stuck in the ‘on’ position and was pumping more and more adrenalin into her system. She was a little surprised at the start, and after a couple seconds was totally terrified.

Part of me felt really bad to have frightened her so badly, and part of me didn’t.

5 responses to “Of two minds

  1. Regarding adrenalin:

    “It’s a major stress for the organs,” Samuels said. “A certain number of people actually have abnormal heart rhythms as a result of these chemicals. A person will actually drop dead on the spot.” See:


  2. I’m glad Gamma is okay. Maybe both of you have learned something from this experience. I was taught as a young child that scaring someone purposely can have dire consequences.

  3. Name Required, Esq.

    Even scaring someone by accident can have dire consequences at my house.

  4. You’re freakin’ me out, Jann. *will never scare anybody again*

  5. Trish

    If I can’t have adrenalin I don’t want to be part of your revolution.