A brief argument against getting dressed in the dark

Dude, I am totally wearing a totally different suit than the one I thought I was putting on this morning.

(Whoa, that’s less than 140 characters. I could have tweeted it.)

(Well, not any more, I guess.)

4 responses to “A brief argument against getting dressed in the dark

  1. Not too many words here, but how many discarded outfits are lying on the bed that you thought you might wear, but they didn’t work for today?

  2. This is why I wear black jeans all the time. It doesn’t matter what color shirt I put with them… it’ll be fine. Nobody ever asks me if I got dressed in the dark, but I always do.

    I realize this is hardly a suit, but when one works in a preschool with three and four year olds, one does not want to overdress. ‘Cause probably later you’re going to be crawling on the floor (trains), laying in the bark chips (a rousing game of “poison frog”) or getting a hug from a little kid who has just covered themselves in paint/lunch.

    Besides, dressing in all black is perpetually cool… never goes out of style! (And if you need to swing by a funeral on the way home, you’re set!)

  3. mig

    All my suits but one are black for the same reason, not that there’s danger of rolling in bark or getting a hug from a diplomat or international civil servant covered in lunch. Alas. Yesterday I was feeling around in the dark for the wool suit and accidentally put on a wool-synthetic blend. So today I made sure to wear the wool.

  4. Well, you know, you take your shoes over to the window, because even with the light on it’s hard to tell dark navy from black, and you want to make sure they’re both the same color – so, satisfied, I put on the black shoes with my black opaque stockings and black skirt, only to find out later that they are the navy shoes after all. Embarrassing.