Etymological question

Where’s the expression “cockeyed” come from?

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  1. Do you know the origin of the word cockeyed?

    There are two positions on this word. One suggests that it came from Irish Gaelic caoch, which means

  2. Miguel


    I like the Gaelic explanation, although it doesn’t explain the current meaning. I would think there’d be some connection with chickens, since they’re generally silly animals.

  3. Shelby :)

    Don’t chickens generally kinda tilt their heads and look at you sidways, due to their eyes being on the sides of their head and all? That’s where I always thought the phrase came from.

  4. i’m with shelby on that one. at least that’s what i always thought. v. interesting query, and response from joeri. y’all are grooby hepcats.

  5. I thought it was some kind of penis thing.

  6. Kate

    Thank you so much for posting the answer to the question. I’ve always wondered about that too. :-)