Note to Netscape users

I just looked at this site in Netscape 4.7 and all I can say is, “holy smokes”.

If you’re a Netscape user, you’re reading this from work, right? Because no one would use Netscape on purpose, would they, if they had a choice?

The Internet can be an ugly place, all right.

4 responses to “Note to Netscape users

  1. Actually, current versions of Netscape are far more standards-adherent than all available alternatives – and several of the open-source Gecko browsers (same code as Netscape, largely) are faster than even Opera 6. So some of us *do* use netscape on purpose – though nobody in their right mind would ever ever ever use a version older than 6.01.

  2. CLM

    A quick readability fix for Netscape:

    Remove the “height:100%” rule from the “log” ID and the “inside”, “inside1″, and “inside2″ classes in your CSS; browsers will by default set the height of the element to fit the content, which will allow Netscape and Opera users to read the whole of your posts without changing the appearance for IE users at all. Or anyway, that’s how it ought to work. Worth a try, anyway.

    Good luck!

  3. miguel

    Many thanks, CLM. I will give that a try tomorrow if I find any goof-off time. Although the words “Or anyway, that’s how it ought to work.” mean I will make a copy of my original style sheets before I start farting around with them, which I guess is a good idea anyway.

  4. CLM

    Not a problem! It’s always a good idea to make a backup – especially with this issue; I know I had to rewrite the rule with Javascript and a browser-detect routine on my site, but I can’t remember why, which is why the disclaimer ;)