Zona Nuda II: Naked Blogger Project


After much urging by various correspondents and readers, I have decided to test the waters for this project. As regular readers know, positive body-image is a top priority at Feral Living. And since blogging is all about exposing oneself, metaphorically, what better way to boost traffic build community than with a naked blogger project?

Some people, though, may prefer to stop at baring their souls. So I am asking this, for those of you who are interested in such a project to send me frontal nude photos of yourself in digital form (jpegs, please, and nothing pornographic) which I will then, if I get enough, convert to a uniform size and post on the Internet! in the form of a Zona Nuda Naked Blogger Project!

Please include the URL of your blog with your photo, and make the photo as high-quality as possible.

Just look, the project already has an attractive banner! (Although the final version will of course be in the form of an animated gif file.) Send me those pictures now!

My email for this project: miguel@rhzine.com

12 responses to “Zona Nuda II: Naked Blogger Project

  1. you told me those pix i sent you were for your private collection.

  2. melly

    filthy pervert

    you want desktop size?

  3. By the looks of the comments so far I’d say this is cracking up to be my favourite Internet project yet.

  4. What about baz, melly and I naked together, laying on Mark’s bed?

  5. mig

    honey, rtfd. i specifically ask for beautiful nakedness frontal not pornographic not beautiful pornographic frontal nakedness.

  6. mig

    Oh, and Baz, Mark and Melly – thanks for the pix!

  7. Michele, that’s the best idea I’ve ever heard.

  8. kd

    that’s just sick. you’re all sickos. the internet should be pure and clothed.

  9. oh my. nekkidness. how alarming.

  10. miguel

    Naked in a good way, ratty.

    Thanks for the pic, mae!

    (I’ll explain all this in just a minute, Alpha…)

  11. pat

    so, um, naked me, um, um, no.


  12. Jeeeeeezzzz, you should have done this just a “couple” of decades ago.