How to keep children busy

Tell them two more easter eggs are hidden in the yard than are actually hidden. This buys you time for a cup of coffee in peace until they figure it out.

Off to Easter lunch at the in-laws. Happy Easter!

3 responses to “How to keep children busy

  1. I laugh now because I remember my parents doing that to me… too funny.

  2. Miguel

    Your parents sound like my kind of people. In my defense, I’m not recommending that people actually do that. It just occurred to me this morning, when the girls failed to find two of the 24 eggs I’d the Easter Bunny had hidden at 4.00 this morning in the pitch dark. Maybe an animal carried off the two other eggs. I was impressed at how long they continued looking though, although they weren’t especially disappointed when they never found them. And I thought, gee, this just bought me like 45 minutes, with no tears. And that makes you think, you know?

  3. evil, I say just plain evil… did you say an extra 45 minutes. Hmm, well that does allow for more coffee, which would also mean being more awake…
    Happy easter.