Golden day

For getting off to such an unusual start, today sure shaped up into a brilliant day. Bright and sunny, warm and cloudless. I was in no mood to drive anywhere, so I gave Space and Pat the keys to the car and let them drive the girls back into Vienna. That was before lunch, after we finished the eggs.

They’re still not back yet, and I haven’t heard anything from them, which I suppose is a good sign – if they’d been in a terrible accident, the police would have called.

But we had a great day, sitting around in the back yard most of the time. Carried the picnic table and lawn chairs out of the cellar with Alpha. Beta had her first rowing practice of the season. Couldn’t row very much, though, because the stream was too full of debris from the flood, and the Danube is still too high.

Gamma got pretty tired pretty early from all the fresh air, and fell asleep quite easily, despite no Dutch tonight. Beta had an excellent idea – she told her little sister that the earlier she went to sleep, the earlier she could get up to hunt easter eggs.

One last weird thing: I’ve lived in this house now for 9 years, and almost never get phone calls. Today, both Space and Pat got calls while they were out, Space from Tonia or Tanya or whatever her name is, Pat from the Filipino guy.

Anyway. Happy Easter if I don’t post anything tomorrow.

One response to “Golden day

  1. kd

    what an adventure this visit is!