The Latest Blogger-Losing-Weight Dream

Adam and I were sitting on a sofa in what must have been his house, because it was too clean to have been my house. Yes, he was thinner than in the most recent picture I have seen of him. He showed me printouts of two photos he had taken of another blogger, either Melissa or Emily, only the second photo looked like the one over at Jill Matrix except the girl in the picture was older, and had lost the top of her bathing suit diving into the water. Adam told me to be sure and kid her about it next time I saw her.

The end.

11 responses to “The Latest Blogger-Losing-Weight Dream

  1. Interesting. Now I just have to make that “thinner” part come true. :-)

  2. kd

    dammit. why am i not losing weight in your dreams?

  3. I don’t care if I’m losing weight in your dreams, I just want to be there!

  4. Working on it, Michele.

  5. D

    Does this mean you’re doing naked skinny blogger sordid dream requests?

    Can I be paired up with… the next person to comment on this post?

  6. kd

    me! me! me! (well, a skinny me, ok?)

  7. Not only that, I usually manage to sneak in a link to an A-lister at the same time!

  8. Emily looks like Harry Potter.

  9. If you are taking requests, I would like you to dream that I am tall and skinny and sleeping with Heath Ledger. Thank you.

  10. *cough* I know, I know, I look like the boy wizard. But thinner.