It would be logical for a saw to be in a barn

When you leave the house you wonder why you did – the sunlight seems too bright and the air is hot after the air conditioning.
Also fragrant from the surrounding forest.
You wonder why you went out. You had a reason.
You’re looking for your musical saw. There you go.
Your mother can’t find it. Either it was never delivered, or maybe your uncle received it and forgot it somewhere.
It wouldn’t be the first time he’d forgotten something.
The electric cello you found right away, and the theremin, likewise the carbon fiber cello bow, which turned out to be, at best, an imitation carbon fiber violin bow.
But it would work for the musical saw.
If you had it.
It wasn’t in the garage, you looked.
You finally get the barn unlocked.
It is full of stuff.
Mostly cardboard boxes, neatly stacked. Hundreds of them, all full of sticks collected and dried by your uncle.
If civilization collapses, he’ll have something to burn.
Also, there is a saw on the workbench, but it’s the wrong saw. An old 24″ handsaw, not the 30″ bariton musical saw you’re looking for.
You look around for a while.
This is perfect hobo spider habitat.
You give up and leave the barn again. You look into the window of your uncle’s truck, but there is no saw forgotten inside.
A green tarp covers something beside the barn. You look underneath out of curiosity. It’s a pile of sticks, neatly arranged in a heap about six by fifteen feet, three feet high.
It looks like an art installation.
An old Ford tractor rusts in the grass on the left side of the barn. It was the first tractor you remember your father buying.
Berry vines grow over an old Caterpillar on the other side.
He bought objects he didn’t really need, you think, hoping something would change.

10 responses to “It would be logical for a saw to be in a barn

  1. I’m thinking the hobo spider took it. The bite on the foot was just to divert your attention. Lousy, thieving things.

  2. anne

    Very well done, my friend.

  3. “He bought objects he didn’t really need, you think, hoping something would change.”


  4. mw

    I like the idea of the hobo spider acquiring your musical saw with a five finger discount. I can see it in my mind’s eye & it’s looking just like an old Max Fleischer cartoon

  5. Jann

    I like the spider idea too, but just in case that didn’t happen, did you look under each and every bed? I once found twenty-eight (yes, 28) overdue library books and ten dried out apple cores under my older daughter’s bed …well, she was ten years old and she liked to read, but it goes to show, you never know what you will find under a bed!

  6. mig

    My mom eventually found the saw under some stuff in her house.

  7. And while we’re on the topic of bugs and cartoons, when are we going to see more of Wee Bgu? hmmm?

    Welcome back, mig ;-)

  8. zeynep

    I agree, this is a killer sentence…

    “He bought objects he didn’t really need, you think, hoping something would change.”

    I am still mesmerized by it.

  9. marissa

    hi there!
    i feel like a creep writing this here haha. but i have a question for you, the owner and writer of this wonderful blog! when, some years ago, you asked the management of apocalyptica to meet up with them, who exactly did you ask? i am planning on doing the same thing next month but so far i have not gotten responses! so…that is basically it! :)
    viele gruesse nach oesterreich!

  10. mig

    hi, marissa
    i got lucky with apocalyptica. a friend introduced me to a friend of hers who worked for the company producing the concert in vienna, organizing the press and other aspects of the concert. she then contacted the management, and i was then let backstage to meet the guys.