Spider powers

A poison spider bit me on the foot while I was at my mom’s house. No necrosis, so not a Brown Recluse. No central nervous involvement that I could pin down (would clumsiness count? I bumped my head three times afterwards, once so hard I can’t remember bumping it) so probably not a Black Widow. Nothing squirts from my wrists, so it was not radioactive.
In accordance with Rule #34, there are several websites devoted to photos of spider bites. I found one there that looked similar, basically a big blister. Type of spider, according to the website: fast – it ran away before they got a good look. It popped while I was hiking around the woods with my brother’s parrot on my shoulder, which shits down your front and then your back and laughs while it’s doing it. Then I walked through some mud. It looked grotty but my cousin gave me some antibiotic salve and it healed very nicely.
I’ve had splitting headaches since the bite, but I think it’s because I need new glasses.
I’ve been having crazy ideas lately, though, that I think are caused bythe poison spider bite. First crazy idea: none of our good, rational ideas worked; or, rather, they got us to this point, so let’s try some crazy ones instead.
Crazy idea #2: save the climate with slot cars. Resurface all roads (starting with freeways) with solar-electric asphalt stuff. Put a slot down the center of each lane that would power the cars driving on it, and charge their batteries at the same time so they’d work after they left the road for other streets, because of course this transformation won’t happen all at once.
If you do this and get rich, I get a cut for the idea, k?
More crazy ideas soon unless this wears off.

4 responses to “Spider powers

  1. Jann

    This could have been the b1t3 of the Northw3st3rn Brown Sp1d3r, also called H0b0 Spid3r, (Teg3nar1a agr3st1s). The b1t3s are not believed to cause ne3cros1s, but “1nt3ns3 h3adach3s” and “v1s1on abnormaliti3s” have been reported, which could cause one to think one needs new glass3s ;-)

  2. D

    I was bitten by a dog once and I felt really ruff afterwards

  3. Glad to have you back, Mig, crazy ideas or no. My life was getting a touch too normal. ;)

  4. zeynep

    Welcome back Mig!!
    Minority Report (the movie ) had pretty cool ideas for cars, but I will take your any day…
    Can’t wait to read more..