Little-known facts about the barnacle


  • The life cycle of the barnacle looks like this: egg, little guy floating around, adult with his head stuck to a rock by one of the strongest known natural adhesives, waiting for food.

  • The barnacle eats krill.
  • The barnacle is sick of hearing Does it have a sister called Nora?
  • The barnacle now believes in the Law of Attraction because all his boss’s clothes were eaten by rats.
  • The barnacle used to think its sex life disproved the Law of Attraction.
  • Although maybe the barnacle wasn’t focusing its thoughts clearly enough in this respect. Wasn’t putting itself in the picture, as it were.
  • So if you find yourself having sex with several magician’s assistants in a rocket, thank a barnacle.
  • At any rate, the barnacle is careful to think only good thoughts, since the rat thing.
  • The barnacle is an arthropod, as are spiders, prawns, and yabbies.
  • In the Middle Ages, people allegedly thought barnacle geese came from goose barnacles, possibly because of the similarity in names.

3 responses to “Little-known facts about the barnacle

  1. Bauke

    New fact: In Portugal Geesebarnacles are served as a snack, usually in early summer.

  2. A sister called Nora! Ha ha! Couldn’t resist a literary reference in there, eh, Mig?

  3. Jann

    Reading this started me wondering whether barnacles have any useful qualities; I mean, of course, from a human point of view. We learned in fifth grade that they are a bad thing (now described as a “fouling organism”) when they cling to ships, and need to be removed.

    Now I see that one type, called gooseneck barnacles, have an edible foot, are prized along the coasts of Spain, Portugal, and Morocco, and are being farm raised in the state of Washington. For what it’s worth.