That’s a banana, and a sandwich, and a couple other things

Changing diapers and cleaning vomit raised my gross-out threshhold. I am usually the person in charge of cleaning cat vomit and piss, and litter boxes are my daily chore.
I don’t mind litter boxes. Sometimes I am a little boy hunting for easter eggs again; sometimes I am on a desert planet mining for spice, or sand worms.
But this morning, boy.
We’ve been wondering, the past few days, where the lunch boxes all went.
They were right here before Gamma went on vacation (she got a week off from school to ski).
Now where’d they go?
I was putting her lunches in tupperware boxes this week.
Then, this morning in her room, warning her she would miss her bus: I spotted one on her bookshelf.
WTF? It was still full – apparently she’d forgotten it there and never took it to school.
But full of what, after at least a week and a half?
It looked, from the outside, as if it could be full of rabbit, or a white guinea pig.
I did a little dance, and sang a little song.
Gamma said I should take a picture of it so she could have a look when she got home.
She got a fine laugh out of the whole thing.
Here’s a picture (click the thumbnail, and a larger image will appear, as if by magic): gammalunch.jpg

6 responses to “That’s a banana, and a sandwich, and a couple other things

  1. sue

    Speaking of picking up cat residue–once again I forgot to dispose of the mouse pieces by the piano.

    The least the cat who brought it in could do would have been to eat it. Maybe leave just the tail as a trophy.

  2. flerdle

    Wow, that’s some serious growth.

  3. mig

    It seems there is a chance that the lunch box was planted in Gamma’s room by another party. Conveniently (for whom, though?) the main suspect is not home at the moment.

  4. Save it for her wedding.

  5. beta

    i don’t do lunch boxes anymore! remember? i’m at university plus i have vacation? duh…

  6. mig

    from the looks of this lunchbox, it needn’t have been placed in gamma’s room anytime in the recent past.