Mr. Evil update

Very aggressive.
Drinks too much, falls asleep, pisses himself.
Ate bite out of Beta’s favorite knit hat.

Cute purr when he sleeps on you.
Ate sleeve of my favorite sweater this morning.
Ate too much and barfed on sleeve of my other favorite jacket when I picked him up.
Ate Gamma’s sock.
Eats clothes in laundry room.
Can now jump up onto counter in kitchen.
Found him in wok, eating leftovers.
Doesn’t weigh two kilos yet, but getting closer.

10 responses to “Mr. Evil update

  1. The older of our two cats was very aggro and destructive like this when he was a kitten, but grew out of it. It helped that when he was about 2 years old we brought home another kitten who became the Alpha Male, but I think he would have mellowed out on his own. Now that he is an old beastie going on 12 years old, he’s very affectionate.

  2. we have ms. evil aka baby evil sounds like we should get them together, could end like Badlands or they mightjust invade Poland

  3. mig

    Maybe I’ll bring him with me when I visit later this year, Julian, if he’s not clipped by then.

    Brian: I am reminded that #2 cat, the red one, seemed in his youth to be the limit of evil to me, but mellowed. I hope Mr. Evil does as well.

  4. I used to drink too much, fall asleep and piss myself too but those days are thankfully behind me.

    Maybe you can do an intervention on Mr. Evil?

  5. mig

    I was thinking about getting Dr. Phil to talk to him.

  6. It sounds like he likes to have fiber in his meals.

  7. zeynep

    no bug cartoons about Mr Evil and Wee Bgu?

  8. Bauke

    Leave the Wok out more often. He’ll get to 2 kilos earlier. :-)

    I second the Bgu cartoons!

  9. He peed himself in his sleep? Like it wasn’t a malicious tail-raise-leg-shake-neiner-neiner-I-peed-in-your-cello peeing? You might want to have the vet do a BUN (blood: urea, nitrogen concentration) test, next time, just in case; cats don’t like to pee outside the box, as it were, unless their kidneys are impaired.

  10. mig

    I wondered about that too, Jessica, but since this only happens when he eats, drinks a large dish of warm water/kitty milk and falls deeply asleep, I figure it’s simply a combination of sleepiness and insufficient bladder capacity.

    He’s scratched the cello already.