10 responses to “Finally

  1. sue

    That brings back memories!! I can recall trying to build an igloo when I was about ten or so, growing up in New Jersey.

  2. that is a very handsome igloo and gamma looks like a true eskimo-chick.

    is that a snow rubber ducky on the very top?

  3. That’s where I want to be. Would she rent it, do you suppose?

  4. mig

    sue, i could never get the igloos to work as a kid.

    ratty, that is a snow chimney. it was a snow antenna for a while.

    she might share it, in return for glitter or wild stories. it is quite luxurious inside, she installed a snow stove yesterday, and a snow chair.

  5. j-a

    gosh, so much snow!

  6. the snowgoyles roxor!@!

  7. Awww!!!
    She’s getting so tall!

  8. mig

    Well, the igloo’s only four feet tall…

  9. Great job. You need the right snow.

  10. mig

    Yes, that was my problem earlier in the winter, it was too cold and the snow was too dry and wouldn’t pack together. It’s perfect now, although I think we may have seen our last snow this season. Gamma spends all her free time in the igloo. I live in fear it will collapse on her and give her a trauma.