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  1. “Embalming is Not a Sport”?
    I think maybe they’re just not doing it right.

    (oh, come on. someone had to say it.)

  2. kim

    At first, I thought that second one was a Pee Wee Herman book, which was far more intriguing than the deathly theme.

    Then I realized I was wrong. Bummer.

  3. Truly, the Mitford book is fascinating and punctuated by grisly humor.

  4. mig

    It must be those books of essays and poems by Thomas Lynch is all I can think of. Either that or Amazon can read my mind now.

  5. mig

    If I’m not mistaken, undertakers don’t like Mitford a great deal. And I’m an undertaker fan.

    In fact, if I owned a sports team, I’d name them The Undertakers. The mascot would be a guy in a black suit. I could even be the mascot, I always wear black suits. And when they won, the sports section would proclaim, “Undertakers Bury Canucks!” and so forth.

  6. mig

    At least, if they were a hockey team it would.

  7. likely if they were a hockey team it’d be the canucks doing the burying. where did the term ‘undertaker’ come from anyway? who is undertaking what?