Happy and well-adjusted


15 responses to “Happy and well-adjusted

  1. j-a

    wow! do they have one for girls?

  2. Damn. I’m only 40% gay and apparently need to loosen up…

  3. andy

    Hah. 40%. I must be repressed. Wait… that can’t be….

  4. j-a

    i came out as 50%. i’m relieved.

  5. I only got 36 percent. Maybe I need to shave something. :-)

  6. kim

    I came out 53% (which gives me the same thing you did, replacing the male part with “babe” heh)

  7. I’m only 36% gay…but tell the truth…for just a second, were you a bit shocked when the first meter (the one that marked the calculating time) went all the way to 100%?

  8. mig

    I have daughters, nothing shocks me.

  9. 56 percent for me. I guess I need to work on those oh-so-important homosexual aspects of my personality, or I could end up somehow backsliding into heterosexuality.

  10. 60%, and I haven’t made out with a girl in eons.
    But I *can* change the oil in my car, and Elvis was beautiful, not handsome.

  11. “for just a second, were you a bit shocked…”

    I was. I thought, Christ, I’ve been doing it all wrong! I’m so far in the closet that they’ve closed me in and bricked over the door like The Cast of Fullmonty’s Bung Hole. But then I came out at 36 percent. It didn’t say what the other 64 percent is, did it?

  12. mig

    64% American.
    According to this article:
    (Here’s the quote from the article, which is about the British Royal Navy recruiting gay men and lesbians: “Gay men and lesbians have since (2000) fought in Iraq alongside heterosexuals, as well as alongside Americans, without it being an issue, military officials say.”)

  13. I was off the chart on some questions. For example, if I need work done, I don’t do it myself and I don’t call someone (e.g., I quit using the oven.) And I’m not a flower person either way, the opposite of bi.

    And there was no recognition that some people actually ARE old and mostly worry about NOT getting older.

    As expected, my number was the lowest here.

  14. Vex

    80%–Wow, “any more butch and I’d have to fight off the girls.”
    huhmmm…well, I DO like to do alot of things myself!