Review this castle

(I couldn’t get the “review this castle” form to work at that site linked below, so I’m just reprinting here what I submitted…)
Hochosterwitz is a wonderful castle, and I make an effort to visit everytime I’m in the vicinity. I’ve been there numerous times, most recently last weekend with the family. The approach is unique, passing through 14 fortified gates; it is also quite steep, which is a disadvantage if you are carrying a stubborn 5-year old. From a distance the castle, especially in brilliant autumn light, is just fantastic to look at, like something out of a fanciful hollywood movie about dragons. The view from the castle itself is just as striking, as the surrounding landscape is quite beautiful. Minus: the interior of the castle does smell quite musty in places.

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Raising Hell


New writers, new features, round icons. Go there now.

See you Monday

Going away, back Monday. Also, sick today.

Go read Raising Hell, which is relaunching on Monday. With additional new authors and a fantastic new design.

The Pitch

Lucifer: You’re gonna love this.
Agent: [Glances at watch]
Lucifer: Seriously. Pay attention.
Agent: I’m all ears.
Lucifer: [Waves script]
Agent: Everyone’s a screenwriter.
Lucifer: Look. Scene one, Ext. Forest, night. Two border police officers…
Agent: Give me the short version.
Lucifer: Ahem. Listen. Okay. It starts with an act of defiance, and ends with a lake of fire.
Agent: What is it with you and lakes of fire?
Lucifer: What.
Agent: Your last screenplay ended with a lake of fire.
Lucifer: [Hurt look]
Agent: I’m only saying. [His phone rings] Hang on a second.
Lucifer: What’s wrong with a lake of fire?

The little things in life

Is there anything nicer than taking a big gulp of cold, stale Nescafe that’s been sitting on your desk in a plastic cup, forgotten since you made it 4 hours ago at lunch?

Oh, and speaking of tolerance: it’s great to be tolerant, until you have to tolerate something you don’t like, then it sucks, eh?