The Pitch

Lucifer: You’re gonna love this.
Agent: [Glances at watch]
Lucifer: Seriously. Pay attention.
Agent: I’m all ears.
Lucifer: [Waves script]
Agent: Everyone’s a screenwriter.
Lucifer: Look. Scene one, Ext. Forest, night. Two border police officers…
Agent: Give me the short version.
Lucifer: Ahem. Listen. Okay. It starts with an act of defiance, and ends with a lake of fire.
Agent: What is it with you and lakes of fire?
Lucifer: What.
Agent: Your last screenplay ended with a lake of fire.
Lucifer: [Hurt look]
Agent: I’m only saying. [His phone rings] Hang on a second.
Lucifer: What’s wrong with a lake of fire?

3 responses to “The Pitch

  1. mic

    Sounds like a fresh idea. Can I option it? I don’t actually have any money but I do have one slightly bent soul as collateral.

  2. Bauke

    Damn…. Sold my soul allready… Maybe I can get it back from the company I work for?

  3. D

    Better hope it wasn’t DoubleClick, those bastards owe me my soul and dignity in back payment.