More on Tuvan throat singing

Mongolians probably watch non-Mongolians ‘throat-singing’ on youtube and laugh and laugh.

On the other hand, a Mongolian barbershop quartet would be awesome.

Oh well. That’s the way the ball bounces.

I have reached the point where I can usually get a throat-singing-type sound whenever I want. It took forever, but I can do it now, especially when I am alone. I have always been inhibited about singing in front of other people, except Christmas carols.

This morning, in my bathroom, I determined that I cannot throat sing and pee at the same time.

Later this morning, driving my car and throat singing, it occurred to me that this is a blessing. Still later, in the men’s room at the UN, I had the same thought again. Everyone was peeing, no one was throat singing. In the long run, it would be stressful if you went into the bathroom and everyone was peeing and throat singing.

Same with driving on the freeway.