I’ll take the Icelandic economy for ten, Bob

The end of the world interests me as much as the next guy, maybe more. The reason I don’t write about it here is I figure, either you’re interested in it, in which case you are already reading somewhere else about AIG managers investing their bailout $$ in cucumber masks, or you’re not interested in it and will find out the hard way soon enough. Either way, I figure we’re here for the kittens, amirite?

I had a dream last night – in fact, I was having it this morning when my alarm went off – that a Turkish international economist had called me from Washington DC and left a message on my thin white Nokia cellphone (Finno-Ugric/Turkish connection! woot, extra dream points). Here is the weird, dreamlike part: The message consisted of a telephone number that would be “open” for the next ten minutes, she said. She read the number, and then, knowing I never understand anything people say on my Nokia, she read it again with a mechanical male voice. At least two of the numbers were in a foreign language, however.

I wrote them all down when I woke, figuring I might buy a lotto ticket today. I just googled the two words I had not understood. One turns out to be a Banda initiation rite, the other is a word in another language meaning pilgrimage.

10 responses to “I’ll take the Icelandic economy for ten, Bob

  1. joeri

    Having your hair cut seems to have a significant effect on certain brain patterns emerging in your “beautiful mind”, Mig :)

  2. mig

    Just imagine what waxing would do!

  3. Besides hurt, you mean? ;)

  4. cj

    I’m going on a pilgrimage to the grocery store ( the one located between the two hair salons where I last had my hair cut… where my stylists were both Turks) this weekend to buy nutmeg and a lottery ticket… the powerball will be 10, apparently. Maybe I’ll pick up some cucumbers, too. I swear I’m not kidding about any of this. No, I don’t need nutmeg, but I feel lucky.

  5. Jann

    How in the world did you know how to spell the words you couldn’t understand? They could have been in Russian, or Arabic, or Farsi, for heaven’s sake! Urdu maybe. I would think you would have needed to consult a linguistics expert to do this properly, and even then….

  6. mig

    Well, I spelled them roughly phonetically. One sounded like “hach”, that is, roughly like the English word “hatch” – the only number word I know that sounds anything like that is hachi, Japanese for eight, although of course there could be more, but I decided it must have been “haj” since the second word, which in the dream sounded like “semali” turned out to be the Banda initiation rite.

  7. Jann

    An imprecise undertaking if I ever heard of one! Thousands of languages and dialects in the world, and many words that sound similar.

  8. so, initiation and pilgrimage…

    …is this another message from Mr. Spider? you’re all spiritual now. it’s freakin’ me out.

    (in a good way; not to harsh your mellow.)

  9. OK. THis could be huge. Turn up your receptors, everyone. I think they’re trying to communicate to us through Mig.

  10. mig

    mayan calendar… regina spector… 2012…