It’s the holiday season

The cat yacked in our bedroom at 2.30 am. It was just a kitten, but due to an inherent acoustic law of the feline digestive tract, sounded like some huge animal. I figured since it was only 2.30 I would be able to fall back to sleep afterwards, and who doesn’t like to fall back to sleep? I got up and stepped on something furry. REEEEER! Sorry, pal. Felt like a tail. Got some heavyweight paper towels from the kitchen downstairs, followed by optimistic cats. Turned on bedroom light to wipe it up. Just a little puddle with something festive in the middle. Either tapeworms are getting fancier, or it had eaten a length of holiday mylar. Disposed of the evidence. Went back to bed, and stared at the ceiling for two hours, just about falling asleep at the moment Alpha’s alarm went off.