Johnny “Slingshot” Guitar

It all comes down to parasites.
Said the old man.
I’m Johnny “Slingshot” Guitar and it all comes down to parasites.
They were in the Greyhound station in Omaha. The kid was 17 and full of wonder.
Microparasites, now, best you can do is wear a rubber and wash your hands.
Macroparasites, though, you gotta choice: they can pick you or you can pick them.
Democracy is the only system lets you choose.
Everything else is horseshit.
Everything else is parasites talking.
In the restroom the kid heard a scrabbling like a large squirrel climbing up a hot water heater and a guy stuck his head over the wall to the adjacent booth.
The kid shook his head and the head vanished again.
Now you remember what Johnny “Slingshot” Guitar told you.
Watch out for the horseshit.
It ain’t hard. Rule of thumb: if you didn’t figure it out, chances are it’s horseshit.