Seriously, anyone want an egg? Who wants the egg Teh Bug made with Heather Champ? Huh?

10 responses to “breedster

  1. That’s a fine set of genes.

  2. D

    Does Derek know about this?

    I’ve given up on my quest to reach the dark heart of the red sector for I would surely die of starvation before reaching it. Instead I have decided to track down and take screenshots of myself beside the founding members of the community. A much more realistic goal I feel…

  3. /jumps up and down, waving and yelling, “Me! Me! Me!”

  4. I also have a few eggs to spare. Anyone want to be eeksypeeksy junior?

  5. Vex

    I know…I’m having a hard time getting my eggs to hatch, too!
    So much so, I’ve stopped breeding, and just move around exploring between easy food sources. I’ve moved into the northeast sector, where’s there’s lots of food–but so far, haven’t run into any bugs…

  6. Felicia

    You don’t know me, but could I have an egg? :\ My friend was supposed to invite me, but her buggie got an STD and she can’t.

  7. i would like an egg, if anyone has one around not currently in use.

    my name is bre, and I’m a sucker for things like this.


  8. well, i just contracted an std in breedster with no cure having been developed. would you like to give me an egg as well? i promise to live a clean life dedicated to high ethical standards.

  9. les

    You still got egg? I caught me something the doctor can’t cure and opted for suicide.

    New life would be nice.

  10. badmeester

    I would like to have an egg. Especially an egg of a bug that eat red and shit green or that eat red and shit blue. My gratitude you have.