to do

  1. Pick Jessica and Brendan up at airport.

  2. No, wait, impossible cause Gamma’s having a slumber party at the same time. Run slumber party, pitch tent in living room for little kids, etc. Give visiting friends directions to their hotel instead and promise to pick them up in town instead, maybe.
  3. Mail them a list of catacombs in Vienna just in case.
  4. No, wait, must go to Sl*venia on business, so scratch the slumber party.
  5. Wait, can’t scratch a birthday party; force wife to do all the work instead. Engage other daughter and her beautiful talented friend to help out…
  6. Calm down, it will all work out somehow…

One response to “to do

  1. Hiya
    We’re in the VIC right now, waving at the building across the courtyard. Can you see us? Want to go on a quest for Marillenkn