Gosh, quitting smoking is hard

Somehow, I was cranky yesterday.
I was deciding to quit smoking, once and for all, and that always makes me cranky.
So, sorry if I said anything snarky to you or insulted your moustache.
Or anything like that.
Today, I have no cigarettes, and the guy who gives me cigarettes is out of town, so things look good there. Don’t bother to wish me success or anything, though, cause, eh, you know.
Anyway. Brace yourselves for really nasty, snarky posts for like the coming twenty years if I manage to find the will to really quit this time.

This was supposed to just be the lead in to a funny post about something, but I suddenly had to duck out of the office to pick a guy up somewhere (unlike yesterday, I didn’t turn on the wipers while trying to turn on the headlights, doh, sorry, this isn’t usually my job; although the clutch on Mercedes vans? Sensitive little suckers, man; got a little rubber at a couple traffic lights) and while trying to navigate my way to passenger’s destination (imagine a map constructed out of a ball of hibernating copperheads: the airport would be at the mouth of one of the copperheads, and the person’s destination would be at the anus of another copperhead, over at the other side of the ball) stuck in quite rapid freeway traffic behind a flatbed full of a zillion tons of concrete and steel pipes, with all these kinky on-ramps and off-ramps and shit all over, and some really fucking crazy Mercedes limousine drivers zooming past on the left, my wife calls me on my cell phone and says honey? You remember that bathroom furniture we liked so much at the furniture store? And said if only it cost only five-hundred fiscal units instead of two thousand? Well the furniture store is remodeling everything and guess what, they only want five hundred for the display model? But you know the marble surface of the one part [ARBLEGARBLEBARGLE mobilephoneinterference GRABGLE] okay? And I’m all, sure honey, sounds good to me, can I call you back in a min?

So I forgot what the funny post was supposed to be. Sorry. I’ll post it in ten minutes when I remember again.

6 responses to “Gosh, quitting smoking is hard

  1. deb

    Ok, so I wanna be the first one to break the rules here and wish you luck. I figure you’re too damn far away to do anything about it anyway (heh). I’m 4 months along with quitting. It does get easier, Mig. I’m wondering, though, if at some point I’ll have to stop using it as an excuse to be a bitch. Maybe at 6 months? 7? Maybe I can ride it out at least a year :)

  2. I haven’t had a cigarette in over ten years, after quitting a two pack-a-day habit. This fact is still amongst my top excuses for being a bitch, so don’t worry about the clock running out on you.

    Top method used in the first 24-hours: Telling myself that I am just getting through the next minute, and that all bets are off after that.

  3. Jen

    I’ve been off and onning trying to quit too. But maybe I’ll just give that up and watch you quit for a while…best of both worlds!

  4. Cripes, if I’m not careful, you people may convince me to quit.

  5. bite me!

    [just in case you say something snarky to me and i'm not here to defend myself]

    you. can. do. it.

  6. Yes, good luck, Mig ol buddy. I haven’t had a cig since August I think, although I have become a party snuff-dipper, or whatever it is you call sticking little packets of snuff under one’s lip when one is imbibing in wine, beer or harder stuff.