Eye update update

Wore RayBans everywhere at all hours until today, after misplacing them yesterday. Oh well they will turn back up eventually.
Had eye test and final post-op exam by dr. last week, am about 1 diopter at both ends, near-sighted and far-sighted. I can get by without glasses but will probably get bifocals/trifocals for that extra clarity. But am not in any big hurry.
Might go to a spectacle emporium tomorrow after work, if time permits.

In unrelated news, I hobeled the tip of my finger with a Krauthobel (do an internet search for it if you are unfamiliar with the tool, I decided not to link an image due to the effervescence of the Internet; Krauthobel translates literally as cabbage planer) while shredding cabbage for a salad yesterday so now I have to manually unlock my phone by typing in my code until the fingerprint grows back.

Laptop also.

In more unrelated news, the “let all that shit go” school of buddhism is looking increasingly attractive.

Final news: I saw Pamelia Stickney in concert Saturday evening, running the Moog theremin (which she helped develop) through three loopers, it was eye-opening in the good way. And she is an exceedingly charming person.

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