Time travel – 1. Indications of time travel

  1. Huge fortunes amassed through lucky investments or unusual inventions.
  2. Lottery wins
  3. People who resemble you, only older, accosting you on the street with advice.
  4. Assassinations
  5. Hitler getting beat up a lot as a child
  6. Serial killings of similar-looking people by assassins from the future with only approximate descriptions of their target.
  7. Teddy Roosevelt prevented from annexing Mexico
  8. Eradication of smallpox
  9. Beyonce Knowles
  10. What else?


One response to “Time travel – 1. Indications of time travel

  1. anne

    Tiny subtle changes (Twin Pines – Lone Pine) that reward frequent viewing/re-reading.
    Rules designed to cover up some gaps (they can only travel naked) that of course leave other things exposed (then… why not implant weapons under the skin?).
    Kubler-Ross levels of interactions with those rules (BUT IF THEY CAN X WHY CAN’T THEY Y??? I am distraught!)