Guitar. Slingshot. Wonder. French toast.

Odin needs a new bag because his old one smells suspiciously of cat pee. Also, it’s old. So Odin could be said to be ‘looking for a bag,’ but not actively. He’s keeping his eyes open, is all.
It was dark, when he got up, and cold. Then, when he drove to work it was grey and murky and the woods were full of fog and he and his kid talked, again, about how ‘we really have to get up early one morning and take pictures. For real this time.’
By lunch it had warmed up into a crisp fall day and the sky was blue and colors were clear.
Huginn accosted him on his way to buy sandwiches.
He got a roll with baloney and whole wheat with ham.
Huginn walked beside him up the sidewalk the last block to the bench, waddling like a duck.
Odin tossed Huginn a piece of the roll with ham, but Muninn swooped down and took it. Odin tossed Huginn a second piece and watched him take it apart into its components, arranging the bread, ham and lettuce next to each other like a man taking apart an antique watch.
Huginn ate the ham, and buried the bread under leaves in the gutter. He ignored the lettuce entirely.
Muninn flew out of sight with his meal.
Then the birds came back for some ham on whole wheat, and repeated everything. Odin noticed they were coming significantly closer than they had at first. He wondered if they would eat out of his hand, but no dice; this turned out to be okay by Odin, because the closer a crow comes, the sharper its beak looks.
Muninn did hop up onto the bench where Odin sat to snag a piece of ham sandwich, though. He did it twice.
Then he flew out of sight again, and Huginn moved to the roof of the blue Skoda, where he again disassembled his sandwich.
What say the slain, asked Odin.
Ah, isn’t it a beautiful day, the air buoys you and you weigh not a thing at all.
Ah, this moment.
This lightness.
This light.
There is a place without signifiers, where when the sun shines, it’s you shining.
No words here to divide things up: no guitar, no slingshot, no wonder, no French toast.
Where when you kiss someone, the sun is kissing.
When you stand on the highest branch of the tallest tree in the woods and see the horizon, the tree is seeing.
And you bury your dinner under leaves you yourself have shed, and it is yourself you are burying.

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