The Austrian Nazi Cake scandal

After an endless series of scandals involving Austrian politicians and conflict of interest, due apparently to the fact that it seems to be legal for politicians to simultaneously work as lobbyists, or otherwise represent special interests at odds with their political activity, which is, apparently, endemic in the Austrian political culture, we finally have a new scandal here: the Austrian Nazi cake scandal.

Here is a brief article outlining the case, in English, if you don’t believe me.

Somehow, a Nazi cake scandal strikes me as the sort of thing that could only happen in Austria. Where else could you imagine a Nazi cake?

Nazi cake.

Who would have thought, and yet, how come it took so long?

On the one hand, some people apparently still just don’t Get It.

On the other hand, Nazi Cake.

So stupid, and so sad.

And now, of course, I have an earworm that is a mashup of “Salt Peanuts” and “Nazi Cake”

It goes like this:

“Salt peanuts, salt peanuts!”

(“Nazi cake!”)

Salt peanuts, salt peanuts!

(“Nazi cake!”)

Also, the voices in my head keep talking about Nazi cake now:

“Would you like another slice of Nazi cake?”

“Oh, no.” (Pats belly) “I’m trying to cut down on Nazi cake. Well, maybe a very thin slice.”

(and) “Honey, if you are good and finish your homework, you may have a slice of fine Nazi cake!”

“Yes, please save me a slice of Nazi cake, Mama!”

4 responses to “The Austrian Nazi Cake scandal

  1. k

    “nazi cake” went through my head today. several times. no way that happened without you, mister.


  2. Jessica

    What “K” said.
    Threw in “jazz hands” for extrametacultural context. Shazam.

  3. beta

    come on, it’s just cake with nazipan