The interpretation of dreams

1. I am in the living room, Gamma is beside me on the sofa. The cat is going mad with a drinking straw, clawing the underside of the sofa. I slap the back of the sofa and tell the cat she’s making it hard to concentrate on ‘Inception’ which we are trying to watch.

2. No, wait, that’s reality, the top stopped spinning and fell over.

3. Alpha and I were at Gamma’s school. Despite her forgery tendency, all her teachers like her, except maybe the boring one who doesn’t like anything, and her grades are okay.

4. No, wait, the top stopped spinning again.

5. A dark-haired woman in a white dress was kind to me. We had a nice, long conversation.

6. My daughter was stuck in a house with lion and I had a plan to get it out, the lion.

7. Physicists were flying around with jetpacks. Which looked like barstools, and were very quick and maneuverable.

8. I played two recognizeable (to me) songs on the saw (Red River Valley and You Are My Sunshine¬† – my dad used to sing them all the time. It was his birthday recently.). No, wait, the top…

9. Something else I can’t recall. My eyes hurt, I’m going to bed. But I’ll drive the van into the river first, just to be sure.

One response to “The interpretation of dreams

  1. tuckova

    That movie stayed with me for a really long time. The music alone (and I don’t usually notice music THAT much), the cleverness of it, really impressed me.